Oliver Twist

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Oliver Twist
Oliver Twist was novel written by Charles Dickens that had been brought to the big screen. It is about a young orphan boy named Oliver who only tries to stay good in a society of the upper class that refuses to help the people under them. Oliver gets sent into a workhouse once he turns nine and soon finds himself in a gang of pickpockets that work for a man named Fagin. At each turn he is threatened by characters that believe their deliberate cruelty and lack of compassion to be the highest expressions of charity. They continue to insist that things for Oliver will end up working out in the end.

Class and society is one of the main themes in the film of Oliver Twist. The superficialness of class structures emphasize that each individual is the same regardless of their social class into which they were born. But most of the scenes uncover the fact that the Victorian society was cruel and unsympathetic towards the poor because they were so self-absorbed. The Victorian society also firmly believed that the systems taking care of the poor were the most humane systems possible; therefore, leaving nothing for them to help out with.

Another theme in the film of Oliver Twist is poverty. The theme is closely related to the theme of class. But as that theme is concerned with showing how the social class system is just invented by society to justify the existing state of affairs. We can see in this film just how miserable the lower classes really were due to the desperateness of stealing. Oliver Twist, doesn’t shy away from representing the terrible conditions of the poor in all their misery with gritty realism.

Lastly, fate and free will is another theme in the film of Oliver Twist. The characters Oliver, Mr. Brownlow and the Maylies are liberated and live happily ever after at the end while the other characters aren’t able to escape the complications that the city, their social class, and the systems of justice seem to have created towards the people....
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