Olive Garden Evaluation

Topics: Italian cuisine, Food, Restaurant Pages: 3 (783 words) Published: September 23, 2012
Olive Garden: A Treat for the Family
Robert Rodkey
DeVry University
Professor Bacon

September 9, 2012

An Evaluation of the Olive Garden Restaurant

Olive Garden has always been known for a great Italian meal and family friendly atmosphere. Tradition has always been a strong part of the experience as each meal is start with soup or salad and their patented bread sticks. These and more have made Olive Garden a staple nationwide in Italian cuisine, however like any chain, it does come with a few flaws. Olive Garden’s qualities entail everything a family Italian restaurant with minimal flaws in its design image, food, and customer service.

When I see an Olive Garden restaurant, it always appears to be a fancy upscale eatery that would in most cases be out of the price range of most American families. The interior of the restaurant, like the exterior, is designed to be a clash between modern and traditional Italian style. Uses of vine, wine bottles, and stone are used throughout the establishment to give a true Italian feel. All the surrounding and staff give you an overall pleasant experience that however can be tainted due to one small issue. When browsing the menu, you will notice that the prices may not be as high as gourmet restaurants, they are still above average for most “family” establishments. Each entrée can be compared with a competitor’s price and you will see that Olive Garden’s menu will be approximately one to two dollars more. This doesn’t sound like much but does add up with multiple people. The biggest kicker I have seen is the wine prices. A glass of Ruinite Lambrusco at Olive Garden will cost four dollars and seventy-five cents with the bottle costing twenty-two dollars. The same bottle you may purchase will cost five dollars in a local store. Minding the minor inconvenience in price, Olive Garden sets a standard in staff and appearance.

When looking for great Italian cuisine, look no further than Olive Garden to be...
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