Old Wives Tale

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Jake Harrison
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Old Wives Tale
September 21, 2011]

A recent survey by Mothering.com found that less than 20 percent of expectant parents will wait until their baby's birth to find out its gender. Finding out your baby's gender with an old wives tale is not the most reliable or scientific method for predicting gender. It is said, that the particular food cravings you have are caused by the gender of your baby. A craving a mother gets during pregnancy is a common theme among expecting mothers.

The old wives tales speak of different types of food that are the telltale signs of either a boy or girl. Girl babies are geared towards the sweet tooth, especially chocolate, fruits and orange juice. A favorite food theory also involves bread, predicting your baby's gender with old wives' tales is not the most scientific or the most reliable method, for predicting your baby's gender. If you refuse to eat the heel of a loaf, it's probably because you're expecting a girl. Boy babies, move towards the sour and salty foods like, potato chips, meat, and cheese. The mother that can’t stop eating potato chips should start painting the nursery blue.

A survey taken from my mother, grandmother, and my sister in law, gives more insight into this old wives tale phenomena, then the internet and other reading sources. My grandmother is 95 years old, and has two children. Her insight into the “cravings” tale was the small line of a girl is always sweet, but a boy is always sour. The cravings for her were donuts, and potato chips. Both her children were girls, so the wives tale proves false. Next, my mother who has had three children, said she was always told many wives tales, by her elders, but many proved untrue. Her cravings consisted of sweets including chocolate and eating ice. She can’t explain the ice eating, but says the wives tale must not hold true, because she had a boy, and mostly craved sweets. Last, my sister in law who has had one child....
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