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Old vs New

By | October 2012
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Shane Smith
Hist 371
Old versus New
When the Europeans first got to America, the Native American tribes that were there were very different and diverse. The tribes each had their own distinct groupings and languages. Their culture was very detailed. Each tribe had their own traditions, territories and even dialects (16). This is very similar to our culture today. We may not have our own “tribes”, but we are still groups by family. Immediate families share the same last name.

The Native American tribe called the Caddoans was very interesting. They lived in small houses made of wood and had lots of nice furnishings. The furnishings apparently showed a very high level of craftsmanship, so the Caddoans had to be pretty detailed. They also had somewhat of a political system. It was informal but was quite detailed with three political confederacies: Hasinai, Kadohadacho, and Natchitoches. It is amazing how similar current American culture is to the past Native American culture (18). Of course, we still live in houses, but the craftsmanship of furnishings is still a very important focus. We also have political parties. There are three main parties right now: Democratic, Republican, and Independent.

In the past days, the new settlers relied mostly on hunting and fishing. They grew crops but the crops were limited. In recent days, fishing and hunting is done as more of a recreational activity. It is not relied on as much to survive.

The geography of then and now is basically the same. Of course, we are still part of the Mississippi Delta. Our soil is alluvial which is a result of glacier melting. In the early days, people used to ride their boats up and down stream to visit friends or relatives. People were investing money into many things. But the question is: is it worth being invested into? Is it worth investing so much money into preserving our swamps and such? Is it just as easy and more cost effective to go breed fish and shrimp elsewhere? Maybe...

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