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1.def of service marketing and how is it different from goods

The definitions of service marketing can be defined as the services covers a heterogeneous range of intangible products and activities that are difficult to summarize within a simple definition. According to the Rathmell, he states that 'goods are produced. services are performed. The product can be touch n see but services only can be judge.

2. do you agree with the extension of marketing mix? Why?

The 4Ps marketing mix which represents Product, Process, Pricing and Promotion, have been most widely employed as a model for product marketing. It shows the company preparing an offer mix of the product and price, with an integrated promotion mix to reach the target consumers through the selected distribution channels. The 4Ps of marketing have been the key areas where marketing managers allocate scarce corporate resources to achieve the business objectives.

3. The delivery of the service typically involves six factors

-The accountable service provider and his service suppliers (e.g. the people)

-Equipment used to provide the service (e.g. vehicles, cash registers, technical systems, computer systems)

-The physical facilities (e.g. buildings, parking, waiting rooms)

-The requesting service consumer

-Other customers at the service delivery location

-Customer contact

4. write short notes:
a) mystery shopping.
which is widely used to gather information on customers’ service and shopping experiences.

b) service blueprinting.
firms use “service blueprinting” to better manage the service encounter and to allow clearer visualization of the service processes.

c) critical incidents research

d) trailer call

5. relationship between customer satisfaction and customer retention -Customer satisfaction is a short-term measure and is the outcome of the customer's evaluation of a specific transaction.
Customer retention is considered to be a relatively easy-to-measure and reliable indicator of superior performance. Companies initiate a variety of activities to improve customer retention such as customer satisfaction programmes, complaint management and loyalty schemas. In understanding customer satisfaction researchers have paid particular attention to the management of service quality, developing ways of meeting customer expectations and recognizing the impact that service quality has on profit.

6. four characteristics of service
Services are intangible and insubstantial they cannot be touched, gripped, handled, looked at, smelled, tasted or heard.
- Perishability
The service relevant resources, processes and systems are assigned for service delivery during a definite period in time.
- Inseparability
The service provider is indispensable for service delivery as he must promptly generate and render the service to the requesting service consumer - Simultaneity
Services are rendered and consumed during the same period of time.

7. customer loyalty. How to build loyalty in service firm?

The most widely accepted definition of loyalty is that customer loyalty is the behavioural outcome of a customer’s preference for a particular brand or a selection of similar brands, over a period of time, that is the result of an evaluative decision-making process.

8. steps involved in new service development

9. benefit of relationship marketing

Relationship marketing activity focuses primarily on the interactive relationship between the buyer and seller and is deemed to be effective in achieving customer retention objectives. The objective of relationship marketing focuses on creating continuous value for both parties who invest resources to develop a mutually beneficial, adaptive relationship.

10. role of pricing in services

The ‘pricing’ element is very closely associated with perceptions of value. Customers’ perceptions of value may be different and the intangible nature of the service product...
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