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Topics: David, Goliath, Saul Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Introduction to Old Testament RLGN


David was considered an outstanding leader however, he was not perfect. As a king, David had positive and negative leadership characteristics. Throughout his reign as king of Israel, David showed remorse for his negative decisions and for straying from God. David always repented and attempted to follow a faithful and devoted life by putting God first. A simple, but good example of how David’s leadership can be established was when David defeated the Philistine giant Goliath. David was supposed to be taking food for his brothers who were serving in King Saul’s army when he heard the challenge from the Philistine’s for someone to fight Goliath. According to Tullock and McEntire, ‘David was astounded to find that no Israelite was willing to sacrifice his life the honor of his people.’ David volunteered to fight Goliath when no one else would. He displayed characteristics of a great leader by sacrificing his own life for the good of the people. While David was in King Saul’s kingdom, the king became jealous of David and attempted to kill David numerous times. One method that King Saul used to try to get David killed was to send him out to the battlefield. Instead of getting killed, David led a successful military campaign and gained respect as a military leader. An instrumental element in the way that David led is that no matter how many mistakes he made or how many times he sinned, he would always admit to his mistakes, repent and steer away from repeating the same mistakes again. David never swayed from his faith and belief in God. According to Tullock and McEntire, ‘David appeared as a man of integrity, whose dedication to the Lord, the God of Israel was without question.’ David would always consult with Nathan, a prophet and his spiritual advisor, to seek advice as to what the Lord wanted him to do. Gros Louis stated that ‘David never challenges the instructions given to...
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