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Old Spice Marketing Campaign - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

Overview of the ”The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” Campaign  “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” rejuvenated an aging brand and made Old Spice relevant to a whole new generation.

This campaign illustrates that simple insights combined with exceptional storytelling can dramatically make campaign successful.  Many of the new entrants into the category of body washes lacked masculine credibility.  Old Spice could be a champion of “manly-scented” shower products using this campaign.  The approach and the structure of the campaign played an important role as  The brand was old and was dying.  People were already aware about the brand.

Core Strengths of the Campaign
Extended target audience to include women, who had influence over men purchases

Created new lines of product

Drove the campaign effectively and efficiently

Gave the Old Spice Brand a purpose thanks to the tag line used

Involved consumers just at the right time when the buzz was high; in “responses” campaign

Market Capabilities

What made the campaign successful

Marketing Plan
• Make the product a winner of “manly-scented” shower products as similar products lacked masculine credibility. • To have both the sexes talking about the brand and give them the purchasing power. •Boost the sales for body washes that exceeded the category growth.

Strategy enhancment
• Provided personalized response to people posting on social networks. • Engaged entertainers and influential people along with the local masses.

Result measuring
• Number of hits on the social networks. • Growth in the market share of the product within few months of the campaign.

What made the campaign successful – Marketing Planning
Create a strong charismatic character that is to the point

Personalized Response
Response for local masses and influential people

Social Networks
Flood the Social Networks and invite...
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