Old Spice Advertisment Analysis

Topics: Sound effect, Foley artist, Odor Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: March 20, 2012
Terry Crews Old Spice Body Odour Ad

Old Spice Odour Blocking “Bounce” ad

A) Denotative: Setting takes place in a laundry room of the shown woman’s house and about the woman describing the automatic freshness and static control of Bounce, a dryer pad product that freshens and cleans clothes. There is diegetic music heard in the background of Ukulele, bass guitar and guitar. As the woman says “I just stick it into my dryer and…..” We hear a building yell which then a few seconds later an explosion occurs on the left side of the house with Foley sound effects. We see a longshot of Terry Crews on a Jet Bike after he had smashed into the woman’s house during an ad. There is a mid-shot as he says “OLD SPICE BODY SPRAY MAKES YOU SMELL LIKE POWER!” As he says this we hear the non-diegetic sound of a revving engine. The camera cuts where he stands beside the woman, he says “It’s SO POWERFUL …..(A cutting midshot to Terry) IT SELLS ITSELF IN OTHER PEOPLE’S COMMERCIALS!” A long shot is the used and Terry smells the woman and says “you smell like outdoor fresheners” she replies but is then interrupted as she says “you smell like power” Terry interrupts and the camera switches to a midshot of Terry as he says “Yeah I do” The woman tries to speak but is interrupted by Terry’s chest pumping with Foley music of an electric driller. Then a long shot and he rockets through the roof saying “POWER” The end of the ad with the diegetic flute music and dialogue is heard. The logo SMELL is POWER is shown and a Foley metal clanking sound is heard as the Bounce product hits the 4 displayed cans which ignites them like fireworks and rockets them upwards as we see Terry Crews flying horizontally across the screen, and the ad ends with an explosion. B)

1.The wild and unexpected use of an explosion conveys strong, frightening and powerful. 2.Terry Crews as an actor and his build conveys power, toughness and manly fearlessness 3.As we hear the engine of the jet...
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