Old Spice

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Glacial Falls is the worst-performing scent under Old Spice, a P&G owned brand in male deodorant and body wash category. According to consumer insights from focus groups, most of those who ever used Glacial Falls before considered Glacial Falls as a great smell. For those who never tried it before and those who had no interest to try it, the image of "grandfather's brand" is a key issue. Consumers did not like this product not because its product features are not good enough but because they marked Old Spice as a product only old men would use. Target

There are two consumer segments could be considered: existing target which is between 24-35 years old and younger target which is between 12-24 years old. The assistant brand manager of Glacial Falls should target 12-24 years old consumers. As mentioned in the case, consumers tend to become loyal to specific brand when they age. Moreover, younger segment is keep growing and is larger than existing segment. If Old Spice do not change its target segment and communication strategy, those younger potential consumers may never try Old Spice products. Once those younger consumers get used to and become loyal to competitors' brand, it would hurt Old Spice's profit and market share.

Data suggested that more than 50 percent of consumers who tried Glacial Falls would remain users. From the consumer insights report, those younger interviewees who had negative attitude towards Glacial Falls did not ever use the product before. They did not like the product just because of the poor brand image. It was very likely that Glacial Falls could improve its sales volume if it could stimulate consumers to try product by transforms itself into a younger and more energetic brand.

Last but not least, targeting younger segment would not necessarily alienate current users. The consumer benefits provided by Glacial Falls were its great smell and long lasting scent. That means what appealed to current users were functional...
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