Old School Versus New School Hip Hop

Topics: Hip hop music, Hip hop, Disc jockey Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: July 20, 2011
Benjamin Anderson
Ms. Marae Bailey
English 110
January 18, 2010
Old School versus New School Hip Hop

Many people believe that all hip hop music is the same. They think hip hop is about the beat of the music and the fame of the rapper. However, the true difference occurs when you look at how old school hip hop became mainstreamed. Original hip hop was about the disc jockey that played the music. The music of hip hop were humble and about pleasing the crowd; while new school has become more commercial due to the involvement of major record companies. The hip hop of today is not the hip of yesteryear. Hip hop began in the streets of New York City, in the Bronx area. The local Disc Jockeys would have free parties in the local parks or at local school playgrounds for the main purpose of promoting themselves and to advertise for future parties that they were having at a club or a local community center, in which they would charge a cover price to get in. A Disc Jockey usually has couple of his friends around to help carry equipment like records crates and to help with the setup. The Disc Jockey would usually pay the guys for helping him. The setup guys also helped out during party by getting on the microphone, and saying crowd participation rhymes, this would help keep the people on the dance floor. They would later be known as Masters of Ceremonies or MCs. MCs would take light-hearted jabs at other disc jockeys and lyricists. After awhile, the disc jockey with better MCs, would bring in larger crowds, in turn, giving the disc jockey a bigger pay day! As the disc jockey and his MCs got more popular and more money started flowing in the disc jockey’s pocket, the disc jockey would be able to pay those guys strictly to be MCs, and someone else to handle setup issues. Now, back in seventies, a good disc jockey could make around $1000.00 for playing music for five hours. Out of that money he would have to pay MCs, and he might have two to four people as MCs. The...
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