Old People

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The Old Human
After listening to the stories and experiences you gave us; the ROP students, I was quite happy that there is still hope for humanity. After which you gave us homework to observe how an old person is treated. I watched with my two eyes what unfolded. On Wednesday March 20th I walked into my local Subway to order a sandwich and right in front of me this old woman was wondering what to get. In front of me was an adult late thirties and two teenagers. I quickly noticed the kids acting impatient, the man took his cell phone out and amused himself with games.

The old lady was wondering to get cheese or not on her sandwich I watched as she was trembling to hurry up. All of a sudden the man let out a big sigh, the one for example depicts how tired you are, however in this case a perfect example of a non-respect giving human. I watched and looked around the subway noticing people talking with each other some eating quickly to get back to work. When I turned around the woman was now getting her vegetables, it was the teenagers turn to order. Both imbeciles let out a “FINALLY.” The line moved quick after the woman was done ordering she was ready to pay. When she opened her purse change scattered everywhere. Now the poor old woman was trying get down to pick it up. I couldn’t take it any more so I did what was right and went to get all of her change and return it to her. She thanked me and I felt really warm from the inside as if I was noticed for doing something. After it was all over, I ordered my food and got out of the subway. I entered my car and just sat there for a solid five minutes replaying what just happened and wondering why didn’t I do something sooner but what? The moment when you start wondering why didn’t I do this or that and you are mad at yourself but in the end remembering the thanks I got was great. I felt bad for her in the beginning but I believe I made some people look bad. After helping the lady I could tell the man felt...
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