Old Kingdom Egypt - Housing and Furniture

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  • Published : July 16, 2012
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Reliefs from the Mastaba of Tepemankh
Source 1 Mariette 1889. Auguste Edouard Mariette.

Above are depictions of the construction of furniture by a group of craftsmen and the subsequent trade of their product. The source is very useful as quite a bit of information can be deduced from it. It evidences furniture as being a major commodity within Old Kingdom Industry and suggests that with their everyday possessions, Ancient Egyptians had somewhat consumerist tendencies. We can infer that that the economy quite sophisticated and that trade flourished even at a local level. It can be seen that there are various workers each with their own set task, similar to a modern day production line. This probably resulted in cheaper products which were affordable to the general populace as well as an increase in the overall quality of the product. It must be noted however that these inscriptions were found at the Tomb of Tepemankh who was likely a merchant in his life. The success represented here may be the result of deliberate exaggerations at the request of Tepemankh himself in a bid to ensure that his financial enterprises were remembered as successful. Dated to around 2686 B.C – 2181 B.C, the source is definitely from the era being researched and has been quite well preserved. As such, it is quite valid as a source

Source 2 – Pottery Headrest
Found in the tomb of an unknown woman.

Above is a headrest uncovered at an archaeological dig near the Red Pyramid. The source suggests that Old Kingdom society may have developed far enough that it understood the ergonomics of the body. Close inspection of the headrest shows that the top is shaped to comfortably hold the human head. As well as this the two holes in the middle were likely placed to prevent cracking due to variations in the temperature (which results in expansions and contractions). We can infer that at least some items of Old Kingdom furniture were carefully crafted to ensure ergonomic designs that and...
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