Old House Memories

Topics: Sleep, English-language films, Family Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: October 24, 2011
Old House Memories
For many years I’ve been haunted by the little old house I grew up in as a child. There are so many bad memories it’s hard to remember the good. I would lose many nights of sleep. I would lie on my back and gaze into darkness and wait for daybreak. The memories of arguing, fighting, and horrible nightmares are all I could remember about the house. The house was located in Blackville, South Carolina. I was in my bed one evening when I was awakened. Voices filled the air with arguing. Almost every night, I was awaked by yelling and screaming done by my mom and stepdad. They would argue about money, women, or even nothing. It jus seem like my stepdad would always pick an argument with my mom for some odd reason. They would argue from sun up until sun down. Some nights I could remember thinking I needed to hear it in order to fall asleep because I became use to it. When my stepfather would decide that he didn’t want to argue anymore, some nights he would fight my mom. It never would do her any good to try and fight back because he was always bigger and stronger, and with me being a little girl there was nothing I could do. He would even choke her sometimes until she was unconscious. I still remember her in the little green terry cloth dress lying beside the heater in the living room. He would even unplug the telephones so emergency calls couldn’t be made. After my mom would wake up hearing him threaten to kill her if she leaves, the only thing left to do would be to go to bed. On a specific night my mom and stepdad got into an altercation. After it was over he stormed out of the house locking the doors and the windows from the outside, so we couldn’t escape. My mom took her fist and bust through the glass, getting her and I out. We ran from the house an called the police. After so many nights of fighting and arguing I began having horrible nightmares. I would often dream that I was falling into a open dark space with no...
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