Old Hip-Hop vs. New Hip-Hop

Back when Hip-Hop began, it was original and sent a message of unity. Now, it is repetitive, concerning with money, clothes, women, and drugs. Unfortunately Hip-Hop will never be the same as it was in the 90's. Modern views and changes in the culture have driven Hip-Hop in a new direction. Old-School Hip-Hop was positive meanings like staying in school and saying no to drugs, don't call women out of their names. New School Hip-Hop is about how big your rims are, how much money you have and drugs. Today, New School artist talk about the wrong thing and forget its not just one person listening to them. Secondly, New school Hip-Hop has no original flavor and take Old School artists lyrics or choruses to make money. The main objective of a New Hip-Hop artist is to go platinum versus, Old School artist making quality music while having fun. With all of these reasons and more unspoken it's just not like it use to be. Today's generation is experiencing what I call" The Death of Hip-Hop". It is constantly reiterated on Television that the New School Hip-Hop will never compare with Old-School Hip-Hop. New School Hip-Hop everyone is rapping about selling drugs going to jail, money, cars, clothes, etc.

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Third, I think that Hip-Hop in general has become a huge milestone for people to become rich. Old-School Hip-Hop is trying to come back. There were times when Old School was partying, break-dancing free styling and etc. New Hip-Hop is more about who sells more. Old-School Hip-Hop was more about where you're from and telling your story in a good manner. Many times people try to confuse the both of them. When it all hits the fan the two are nothing alike but there are new Hip-Hop artist who are going back to Old-School Hip-Hop. Kanye West, Common, Mos Def are some of today unique artists. All of these named artists are the true definition of real Hip-Hop. Many talk about what's going on in society with blacks and whites, Aids in the...
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