Old Hamlet and Polonius Analysis

Topics: Hamlet, Polonius, Characters in Hamlet Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: November 17, 2012
Old Hamlet and Polonius: the weak link

My group chose to state that Old Hamlet stimulated the chaos that struck the Danish family. Hamlet temper was inactive, while Old Hamlet was still alive, but the death of Old Hamlet was all it need to create a chemical reaction within Hamlet. As a consequence, Hamlet became cantankerous towards Old Hamlet's death. Realizing that Claudius killed Old Hamlet, Hamlet made promise that he would take revenge on Claudius. What if, Claudius' didn't kill Old Hamlet so that he can profit from the kingdom and Gertrude, what if Claudius killed Old Hamlet for the well being of Denmark? Suppose, Claudius, Polonius and Gertrude understood Old Hamlet to be a conceit and malicious king. In order to support our theory, the group was broken down into four relationships that Old Hamlet had; Old Hamlet and Claudius; Old Hamlet and Polonius; Old Hamlet and Gertrude; Old Hamlet and Hamlet. By assigning each of the group member a relationship, we were capable of supporting our theory by speculating how Old Hamlet would have treated his neighbours. I was assigned the relationship between Old Hamlet and his trusty adviser Polonius.

I was assigned the task of proving that Old Hamlet was a conceit and a malicious king by examining Old Hamlet's and Polonius' relationship. Instantaneously, I knew that I should look into Old Hamlet life when he ruled the kingdom; because, that would have been the ideal time when he would have frequently interacted with Polonius. Then, I had to think of a technique to reveal the unseen relationship between Old Hamlet and Polonius; as a result, the idea of using an interview was created. By casting an interview I would have the ability to ask certain questions that would express my thoughts on Old Hamlet characteristic; furthermore, I was able to present my judgement on Old Hamlet's and Polonius relationship. Now there were two questions remaining to be answer: what was the statues of the relationship between...
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