Old Faithful

Topics: Volcano, Water, Geyser Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Hannah Struck
Mr. Johnson
Earth Science period 7
Old Faithful
Old Faithful is a geyser located in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. A prehistoric volcanic eruption shaped what Yellowstone is today. It is one of the world’s largest volcanoes. Old Faithful is the most studied geyser and most predictable. It has been looked over and watched for many years. The reason it is so popular is because it erupts over 15 times a day, tallest, and largest geyser in the world, also the wait for it is not that long. The interval between each eruption is based on how long the eruption before it was. If the eruption is four minutes then the interval will be around ninety minutes. If it is short say two minutes the interval will be up to sixty five minutes. The longest interval recorded was above ninety minutes the shortest was about thirty three. The height is ninety to one hundred eighty feet.

Old Faithful was named by the Washburn Expedition in 1870 for its regularity in eruptions. Old Faithful has almost never missed an eruption in almost one hundred twenty years. When it erupts it releases up to three thousand seven hundred to eight thousand four hundred gallons, which is fourteen thousand to thirty-two thousand liters of boiling hot water up to one hundred eighty four feet in the air. Here is how it works. It starts with a hot spring, and limit the water's exit. With boiling water underground, and almost nowhere for steam to get out, the pressure builds up. Soon, the trapped steam and water blows out of the cone shaped opening, spraying until the water pressure drops ending the eruption. The three types of geysers: Cone, fountain or pool, and last perpetual geysers. Old Faithful is a cone, meaning that sometimes there is a cone shape around the spout where the water comes out from determining the shape and height of the water when it erupts. The water during an eruption is estimated at two hundred four degrees F and the steam at over three...
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