“Old Before Her Time” , Katherine Barrett

Topics: Emotion, Old age, Psychology Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: March 7, 2013
How do you feel when you wake up? Do you lack of energy or fear facing the new day ahead? It’s question which elder persons usually ask themselves day by day every morning . It’s easy to understand why they have complicated feeling like this . In “Old before her time” , Katherine Barrett discusses how the senior citizens are treated in American culture. One of seven lessons she gave us , Lesson six “ you never grow old emotionally”, is the most significant lesson because of their psychological emotion , sympathetic and respectability.

First of all, psychological emotion plays an important role in senior citizen’s mind . Some body are wondering what does “Psychological emotion” mean? Psychological emotion means that when you get old , you usually feel lonely, abandonment , being contemptuous , ect . Why does society mistreat senior citizen in America in this way? It can depend on their culture , their religious and the ways they’re growing up. Elder American always need to feel loved. It’s nothing wrong about senior people want to be holding, hugging ,touching even having sex. Some of young American always put their parents or their grandparents into “Home for adults” which means home for the aged. They don’t know this act will hurt them not only in physical side but also in psychological side. They will feel so vulnerable. In their aged, they don’t need something huge or luxury, they want to have a happy family which means a real family. Senior people know that the young children or young adult need to work or study, they deserve something more bigger than take care of the elder, but at least in holiday they can spend time together. Even in this ages, they can find a lover which means a lot in the rest of their life. Sympathetic is a second thing . Younger person need to have a sympathetic emotion when they’re behave with the older. Patty said that “ I also saw that there are people who are afraid to touch an old person….they are afraid...
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