Old Bailey

Topics: A Tale of Two Cities, Old Bailey, Crime Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: June 30, 2012
The old bailey court building is very unique and held some of the most important and major cases known. Located in the heart of London, old bailey is the central court system in the entire United Kingdom. The old bailey court house not only deals with major cases in London but parts of Britain as well. It is a very professional building where judges are to be called “My Lord” or “My Lady” and where England’s major criminals are brought to justice. It is open to the public to watch and hear but people are forbidden to take notes and record the court sessions. Some of the major crimes people commit that deserve going to the old bailey courthouse include treason, murder, burglaries, and various other felonies and major violations. There were many famous and important trials that occurred at the old bailey courtroom. Some of the important trails included famous quotes or speeches while others were very popular and brought much universal excitement and uproar. In the novel “A tale of Two Cities”, Charles Darnay is put on trial here for treason. He was sentenced to be executed but Sydney Carton took his place by taking the blame. Oscar Wilde made his famous “Love that dare not speak its name” speech during his trial. We was sent to the courthouse for not leaving the country when asked. Also, William Palmer who was a doctor was put on trial for the accusation of poisoning his friend John Cook. The medical evidence caused great conflict as to whether it was a false accusation or not and many people internationally thought so. This particular trial brought more interest to people than any other in English law. Palmer’s case brought mixed emotions but in the end was found guilty and proceeded with his execution punishment. The old bailey courthouse had much historical significance behind it and continues to with all of the famous trials that bring tremendous interest around the world.
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