Topics: Social class, Working class, Middle class Pages: 4 (1534 words) Published: February 20, 2013
What does the song „Common people“ by Pulp express about the English society?

In the song “Common people” by Pulp the growing gap between the “upper class” and the “lower class” is described. The main characters acting in the song are a man and a girl. This girl is a member of the class living in wealth whilst the man belongs to the poorer class of the society. Because she is currently studying sculpture at St. Martin’s College, these two very different persons meet there. The girl says that she’s keen om getting to know the circumstances members of the “lower class” have to deal with. She explains, that she wants to live like the “Common People”. I think this phrase already shows arrogance. By calling people common you mark them down. Further more she asks the man whether he could show her how “Common people” live. Consequently this canting curiosity is leading to anger on the man’s side in the end, because he knows, that she’s not really interested in the poor people’s life.

The differences between these two social classes are quite obvious. Certainly the “upper class” doesn’t know what it means to fail in life (l. 44). As a matter of fact children from parents belonging to the upper class are protected by them. If anything’s going wrong in their life, there is somebody who is able to care for them and show ways out of this mishap. In the songtext it’s mentioned, that it’s usual for the “common people” to “dance, drink and screw”. People, who are members of the upper class do not seem to mind the fate of people from the lower class. For these people it’s all some kind of a laugh. Moreover the curiosity of the girl also seems to be very superficial. As a matter of fact I could imagine, that she’s not really interested in the very different life of the poorer people, but only wants to have some fun. That can be concluded from lines 23, 34 and 54.

In my opinion the relation as it’s described in the text is inacceptable. In fact the upper class just makes...
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