Oklahoma National Bank Growth Strategy

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Oklahoma National Bank
Growth Strategy and Culture Retention

Paul Hamberis

Small Business & Entrepreneurship
(BUSN 5315-50)

Professor Dr. Frank Haws

March 7, 2009

Oklahoma National Bank
Growth Strategy and Culture Retention

According to their web page, the Oklahoma National Bank was founded in early 2000 and grew at such an alarming rate that within a couple of years it had multiplied over eleven times the original capital and assets. (www.onbbank.com). Part of their success was “fueled by strong organizational culture and the bank’s ability to maintain high asset quality.” (Hisrich, et.al, 593). Since then, the Oklahoma National Bank has merged with a larger banking organization, but retains most of the decision making at a local level in order to “to remain committed to the fundamental values and beliefs that have made the company a success.” (www.onbbank.com). The bank prides itself in having a unique laic culture where the relationship between the employees, founders and directors is a God driven one and where prayer is common during their meeting. “One unusual aspect of our company is that we open all meetings with a prayer. We see this adventure as a blessing from God, and we earnestly seek to be good stewards.” (Hisrich, et.al, 596). Part of this unique culture of this bank, is that they also promote open discussion and honesty among their employees with the goal of having honest dialog in an “effort to effort to meet each customer’s individual long-term banking needs…and in fact, they use and post Mark Twain’s saying “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.” (www.onbbank.com). Despite the success that it has obtained, the Oklahoma National Bank faces great challenges that must be addressed with the right practices and it must create and implement a growth strategy that would help the bank continue being profitable and along the way being able to maintain the unique culture of honesty, sincerity and God...
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