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Learning Issues Chapter 1 (OKB)
a) There was some mention about stakeholders in the problems, who are the stakeholders and what their stakes?  1. Capital market stakeholders
In this case, the capital market shareholder of a firm is bank and shareholder. In this case the shareholder who gives OKB financial resources for OKB business. The stake of these shareholders is to ensure the OKB businesses continues their operation and can meet the expectation on the capital they had given. 2. Akar Enterprise (supplier)

Is a major supplier for OKB Bhd. They supply herbs and roots from the forest of Perak. Their stakes is whether they able to meet the demand of OKB to continue supply raw material.

3. Customer
We know that The Guardian approached OKB to supply its medicinal products to them. If that thing happen the sales would increase since consumer prefer use OKB products 4. Employee
We notice that the OKB's production process is carried out manually by the "kampung folks". If OKB accept the offer from The guardian, the process will change to the machine since they will change it to mix of pills, capsules and liquid-compound forms. If this happen, they no longer can work for OKB in a manufacturing the products. 5. Government

Ministry of health is a body who observe and monitor the quality and the safety of products. It is already mention about the latest markey surveys conducted by them, OKB is still the first choice among consumers. It shown that the product is safe to be used.

b)      What do you think of the comment made by the management about OKB’s Vision & OKB’s achievements?
I think the old vision may not be suitable anymore to face the changes of economy nowadays. This is because, OKB more relies in traditional approach and they should come out with a new vision that promote abouts its products quality and attract customer. With a good vision, OKB can be more success and achieve their targets. They should change their vision not only based on...
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