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​           ​ENTERICS



Acronym:    T LMI CUP MNL GARI

( TSI, LIA, MIO, Indole, Citrate, Urease, PAD, Malonate, Lactose, Glucose, Arabinose, Rhamnose, Inosite)

easy steps to identify:

*TSI: A/Ag------ Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae

   A/Ag( yellow both slant and butt with gas: cracks/displacement of the agar) ​
EMB- greenish metallic sheen ------ E. coli
EMB- pink mucoid colonies -------- K. pneumoniae


e.coli (left) ​k.pneumoniae (right)

*TSI ALK/Ag-----Serratia marcecens, Salmonella paratyphi A 

red slant, yellow butt with cracks or agar displacement or bubbles

if with:

King's A with red pigment (prodigiosin: non water soluble) 

and LIA is P/P ( purple slant and butt)  ------  S. marcecens 


if LIA is is P/Y (purple slant with yellow butt) --------- S. paratyphi A

*TSI: ALK/AG w/ H2S ---- Proteus vulgaris, Salmonella typhimurium

-->TSI butt and slant all black in color (rightmost tube)


if LIA is R/Y (red slant, yellow butt) ----- P.vulgaris and PAD+


​if LIA is P/P (purple slant and butt) ------- S. typhimuriuM​

​*TSI: ALK/A ------- Shigella sonnei, Shigella dysenteriae


(red slant, yellow butt without cracks or displacement or bubbles)

both are nonmotile

if MIO the whole agar is purple (OD+) ------ S. sonnei

if MIO's upper part is a little bit purplish or yellow (OD-)---S.dysenteriae

rightmost tube: nonmotile, OD-

  nonmotile, OD-

*TSI: ALK/A with H2S ------- Salmonella typhi


only enteric sa first 10 na TSI: red slant with blackening, yellow butt



*TSI: ALK/ALK------ Psuedomonas...
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