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  • Published : February 15, 2013
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Cyper, Rihuund
As it has been known to us, Man in nature is good. The Bible itself supports this idea. I have never heard of someone saying that man in nature is bad. Otherwise, he will absolutely need to face the consequence of his act. However, I believed that we are prone to many temptations of the world depending mainly on the circumstances and situations we are in. Man in nature is good but it does not follow that man is infallible or incorruptible. For we are living in a world where almost everything exists may it be good or evil ones. The movie “Lord of Flies” has made me realize many things in this world. That a man if place under pressure unavoidably and unexpectedly changes his points of view in life. Also, the movie revealed to me the importance of leadership and the kind of ruling a selected leader of a certain group imposes to his followers. It is very important to consider the qualities of choosing a good leader. First, a leader must possess moral virtues, as to the case of the said movie, the boys who made another group aside from the first one, selected their leader according to his physical strength without considering their leader’s strength of the will to escape from that island. The boys believed that they need more of a leader whose ability to lead is measured with his strong physical endurance rather than the goodness of his intention. Second, a leader must be able to recognize the difference between bad and evil. As we have watched the movie, it was clear to us that the boys killed two of their companions. However, I saw no remorse from them. Their leader did not even say anything or even dare to stop the evil acts of his members. Instead, every time they kill, they felt power and strength as compared to the other group. Thus, erroneous conscience was illustrated. Lastly, a leader must have deep understanding and courage to overcome problems and obstacles in life through the use of conscience and morality and not by force or strength....
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