Okami 3 Act Structure

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Act 1

Kamiki is one of the most beautiful Villages, but a terrible curse has been casted on it. The eight headed Dragon Orochi demands that one maiden, chosen by him, must be sacrificed each year, no one dared challenge him, until one day, as the annual festival drew near, a strange white wolf named Shiranui appeared in the Village, watching over the village of Kamiki all nights, people assumed that Shiranui was an envoy of Orochi. One person in the village, a warrior, Nagi, tried to defeat Shiranui in battle, but every time, he was defeated by Shiranui.

The festival arrived and one white arrow fell from the sky moving towards Namis house. Nagi being in love with Nami decided to put an end to Orochi. He traveled to Orochis liar, the moon cave, Nagi fought Orochi all day, Nagis energy fainted and he knew he was defeated it was then that Shiranui appeared and defended Nagi, Shiranui used her godly powers to fight the dark powers of Orochi. Orochi almost defeated Shiranui but with her last breath Shiranui unleashed a mighty howl and the light filled Nagis sword with celestial power. With renewed power Nagi fought Orochi and defeated him at last, but Shiranui succumbed to Orochis poison, dying in the Nagis hands.

The cursed at last was lifted from the village and the sword of Nagi, Tsukuyomi, remains inside the cave sealing Orochi forever.

Inciting Incident

100 years after Nagi and Shiranui fought Orochi, a strange figure appears at the entrance of the moon cave, believing that the legend of Nagi is a lie the stranger takes the sword breaking the seal and releasing Orochi.

Susano, the descendant of Nagi, takes his role in this new legend along with Amaterasu the reincarnation of Shiranui.

Like in the past Orochi demands a sacrifice, the chosen one this time is Kushi, the secret love of Susano. Kushi goes to the moon cave to fulfill her role and save Kamiki Village. Susano hears about Kushi sacrifice and decides to go save her. Will Amaterasu be able to defeat the darkness?

In the cave Amaterasu is fighting Orochi, Susano arrives some moments later and saves Kushi, after that, he reveals that the person that removed Tsukuyomi from the moon cave was him and now, trying to regain his honor, he wants to fight Orochi by himself. Amaterasu howls making the moon appear in the sky, the sword of Susano starts glowing golden and with this new power Susano is able to defeat Orochi.

First Turning point

Before Amaterasu and the others leave the moon cave the dead body of Orochi transforms into a cloud of dark energy and travels to the north, to Kamui. Amaterasu, with her loyal companion, Issun, commit to extinguish all the darkness in Nippon. But before starting their journey, first they are invited to celebrate with Susano and Kushi in the Kamiki Village annual festival. Act 2

Amaterasu and Issun now find themselves exploring the lands of Nippon to find out where is all the darkness coming from.

The first place they find is Sei’an City that it’s covered with a strange green mist; they fin Rao a Priestess that helps Amaterasu in order to free the city from this mist. After defeating the responsible of creating the mist at Sei’an, Amaterasu and Issun discover that Rao has been possessed by a demon called Ninetails. The only way to defeat Ninetails is to find Oni Island that is supposed to appear at certain nights but at a different location each time.

Waka fights Amaterasu to know is she is strong enough to face Ninetails. And he will do the same several times saying you will never defeat the darkness.

Waiting for the night to come Amaterasu and Issun decided to deal with other problems, one of them if the Water Dragoon that is causing al types of troubles in the sea. Amaterasu discovers that the Water Dragoon is the king of a subaquatic race that went crazy. Now the queen, Himiko, sacrifices herself to transform into a Water Dragoon and protect everyone. With Himikos help Amaterasu manages...
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