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Red Alert 2 DeeZire
Version 5.6

• Introduction
• Acknowledgements
• Advanced Command Bar
• Musical Scores
• Undocumented Features
• Crate Powerups
• Allied Forces
• Soviet Forces
• General Additions
• Multiplayer Game Enhancements
• Multiplayer Debug Mode
• Known Issues/Support
• Expansions
• Version History

Red Alert 2 DeeZire is set parallel to the main battles between the Soviet and Allied Forces. Further significant confrontations took place in which the two major powers clashed. The game now reflects those battles elsewhere across the globe, in which new technologies and strategies were utilized but never made it into the final version of the game.

This is a game modification for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2. Installation of this mod will make changes to the initialization settings in Red Alert 2. It is designed primarily for multiplayer games, enhancing many aspects of gameplay and providing a very different experience.

This is Red Alert 2 DeeZire Version 5.6. Feel free to send feedback regarding potential improvements, general gameplay issues, suggestions or bugs. The official website for Red Alert 2 DeeZire can be found through DeeZire Online at:-


Visit the site for the latest news, updates, downloads and more!

Red Alert 2 DeeZire is dedicated to the memory of Nikola Tesla and is brought to you by DeeZire, with eternal thanks to the following people;-

Olaf Van Der Spek
For his tireless work on the XCC Utilities.

For being Blade - there can be only one graphical god - the best at what he does. http://www.mysanctuary.demon.co.uk

Matthias Wagner
For his superb work on the Final Alert map editor and the RA2 String Editor. http://finalalert.wagnerma.de

Jonathan Wilson, for his continued devotion to the C&C editing community, 'M' for providing the missing Theme Soundtracks, Grim Duck for the new side-specific loading screens, Theinruj Thoranavikrai for balance suggestions, the amazing David Egnell (Dauwe) for even more superb icon work, Daniel McCreadie for unique old-concept ideas and suggestions, Xaintrix for his testing, intelligent comments, suggestions, feedback and for bringing some sanity to the Forum(!), cVolkov for sticking with the community and technical advice, Seifer147 for voxel help, all the people who frequent the Forum, took part in testing and supplied feedback (too many to mention but you all know who you are), Westwood Studios for their incredible C&C formula (I play nothing else!) and of course YOU for playing it. Thank you for using Red Alert 2 DeeZire - your continued support makes my work worthwhile. I ask two things in return - spread the word so others can enjoy it, and HAVE FUN! Meet me on Westwood Online for a blast :)

Trademarks are the property of Electronic Arts Inc. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. All rights reserved. Red Alert 2 DeeZire is not a product of, or affiliated with, Westwood Studios and as such is unsupported by them.

Advanced Command Bar
The skirmish mode Advanced Command Bar has been enhanced to provide commanders with additional functionality in combat. New icons now appear in the Advanced Command Bar, and this now includes the following;-

[pic] Team 1 - selects pre-defined team #1
[pic] Team 2 - selects pre-defined team #2
[pic] Team 3 - selects pre-defined team #3 - NEW
[pic] Cheer - gets selected unit(s) to 'cheer' - NEW
[pic] Type Select - selects all units of the same type
[pic] Stop - stops selected unit(s) - NEW
[pic] Deploy - deploys selected unit(s)
[pic] Guard - put selected unit(s) in guard mode
[pic] Waypoint - selects waypoint mode for the unit(s)
[pic] AttackMove - makes the selected unit(s) attack whilst on the move - NEW [pic] AutoDeploy - makes the selected unit(s) automatically deploy when attacked - NEW*

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