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Topics: Skill, Training, Learning Pages: 7 (2640 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Summary of OJT Experience

On the Job Training is a compulsorily part in the academic duration of Information Technology Degree and Diploma programs under various agreed universities and educational institutions. Which is not be completed for just like a certification course. This training period plays the unique role in every Students life .Training in the sense it provides the various ideas and also leads the students to think out of the boundary limit in order to encourage their creativity and innovating skills. The Destination of on the job training program is to give the full fledged energy to the students to face this world with basic knowledge about the companies and process involved over their training in various modules, so that he/she will be able to improve their selves in which area they are going to show their interest.  After the successful completion of studies, students have to face this competitive world with the knowledge to face many problems and to find the right solutions which is to be solved in the minimum duration of time. Some problems are to be solved by our knowledge but some problems are to be solved only by our experience. Experiences we gained by knowing the possibilities and consequences of our decisions and also by knowing how to think logically and technically. This on the job training program of the university IT Program focuses on knowledge and skills development prior to the application of the IT theories and concepts. University linkages Industry experts from relevant fields would provide insight and training to the students. Being an On the Job trainee is not quite an easy job. You have to deal with different kinds of people, do your best and lift up to their expectations just like an ordinary employee. Aside from that, you also have to adjust yourself to the new surroundings, not to mention the new faces around you. After all, it’s not always that you mingle with the same people.   During my On the Job Training, I realized that problems in life are like problems in work, we must search for the best solution. We couldn’t solve it without co-workers, co-trainees and employees. It’s like the saying “No man is an island” in other words, we couldn’t live only with ourselves we need the help of other people to overcome the problems in life.             During the days of my training I’d familiarized what are the transactions in the office was. But just like in real life we couldn’t avoid to commit mistakes. No one is perfect, I remember one time that I committed a mistake, they didn’t blame me instead they teach me how to do the task correctly. Sometimes the more we commit mistakes the more we learned the lesson because as what they said we’ll learn a lot from our own mistakes. So in the near future I’ll apply those things that I learned during my OJT time. It was indeed an easy job for those who would hear me say those stuffs, but when you’re actually doing it, I must admit that it sometimes gets into my nerves. Still, I am thankful for that kind of experience. ‘Training prepares you for the real job.” As what other people say. And I was able to prove that. I enjoyed my four months training in Dalrant Scuba and Helmet Diving. It was an experience full of fun and different lessons. I enjoyed applying what I have learned inside the classroom outside the campus, with the different kinds of people and not just the usual teachers. But I am also thankful to have finally overcome my fears of being afraid to disappoint other people. I know now that it’s okay if you fail in the beginning, after all, its part of the success and most especially part of growing up. Experiences are the best teachers indeed! During my training in Dalrant Scuba and Helmet Diving, I learned a lot of things. I’m also happy to be always on a hectic job. As a trainee, they expect us to be like them, act like a professional, be on time, do your duties well, and be responsible. I have applied...
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