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Topics: 1973, 2007, 1984 Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: May 20, 2012
Report No. 1

Trainee: Abesamis, Ana Claudine T.April 11, 2012
TFR01 – TSM09201

Agency Name: Imperial Palace Suites
Immediate Supervisor: Ms. Melanie Dela Fuente
Week 1 Days: Days 1 – 5 or 6 (April 2-6, 2012)

Imperial Palace Suites is known as the preferred hotel in Quezon City. I was very conscious since I lived there. Other than that, I am very fascinated in this hotel by its arc-shaped. I decided to have my OJT here because aside from its very near I can easily access on its location. When you’re from Far Eastern University, you can ride an FX/Jeepney routing to Fairview and stopped at Roosevelt to take your next ride which is the Project 2-3. You can see the Imperial Palace Suites along it. If you don’t want hassle you can ride a cab and you will be fared 150php only. I passed my resume last March 18 and the HR Manager, Mr. Jericho Bugnalen told us to come back on March 20 for our first interview. So when we came back, Im so glad that I passed the interview and looking forward to meet our general manager, Mr. Jalal Qneibi for our final interview. I was very nervous during it because he is a foreigner and to be honest he is one of the most professional man I talked to. He’s happy to my straight-forward answers and I am motivated by his advices.

I am assigned to Sales Department because they see me good in it. I finally met my co-workers which are very professional in telemarketing, booking. They familiarized me in making Banquet Event Orders, Banquet Addendums and its breakdown. They also introduced me to Ms. Mother Lily which is the owner of Imperial Palace Suites. They never let me feel any hassle anything about it. It’s tiring because you will route the Banquet Event Order to the other departments such as Food & Beverage, Kitchen, Front desk and even security. During my 2nd and 3rd day, They thought me how to transact with the clients so you can finally puts its function on the BEO (Banquet Event Orders). On my...
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