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Topics: Past, Learning, Time Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: March 7, 2013

There a lot of things that you can learn in having a practicum in Clark Airport Support Service Corporation, as a Practicumer I learned so many things that I can apply in my future. The lessons that I learned for 3 years in all my subjects as a Tourism student, I applied them in my training like values and the different aspects of Tourism industry. Dealing with so many people and different race is very hard, one of the important things is having a patience and respect to your passengers that is the important thing you must learn. The employees taught us how to control our emotions toward the passengers because may we deal with angry passengers who have complaints and we should be able to keep calm under pressure because of that I learned to be patient all the time. I learned also how to mingle with other people and I gained more confidence in myself that I can use in my work few months from now and I’m proud of that.


I was able to learned how to accept small or big mistakes. In this practicum, I’ve learned how to faced the real world and talked to different people. In my first day as a practicumer, I thought I was not able to do well but as time past by I know I gained more self-confidence and self-esteem and I can say that I am now ready for my future after this practicum. In this practicum program, I learned also how to be independent because for 3 months I’m away to my mother, I learned how to budget everything unlike before and it is very difficult for me. I learned also how important the time management is in this practicum.


I have learned in this practicum how to be professional. About the employees, yes were buddies when where not in duty but when it comes to work I know my limitations as a practicumer. Everytime I commit mistakes and talked by our supersivors about what happened I just accept it and learned from it so that next time I know how to handle the same situation again....
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