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College of Arts and Sciences Policy and Guidelines for On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program Overview As stipulated in the CMO No. 53. Series of 2006: “Internship/OJT/Practicum is an immersion program wherein the students will have the chance and opportunity to be with the IT industry. This program is important because the students will have the chance to apply the skills, knowledge and attitude learned in the school and at the same time the opportunity to experience the corporate environment. Learning expectations in the IT related field should be established between the HEI and the industry in the form of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Internship is a requirement for the BSIT and BSIS program but optional for the BSCS program. Students are eligible to enrol the internship program after completing the 80% of the total number of units in the curriculum. The minimum number of internship hours for the BSIT and BSIS programs are 486 and 162 for the BSCS program.” Several concepts where adopted from the different Practicum/Internship/OJT Policy and Guidelines references - which constitutes foremost to the creation and development of this guiding policies for our students. However, among those references, DLSU’s COE Undergraduate Practicum Policy of 1999 was selected and adopted to be its patterned structure and format for the realization of this document.

Introduction This document contains the general policy and guidelines for the Associate in Information Technology (AIT) and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) OJT program. This will take effect 1st Semester, Academic Year 2010-2011. Students enrolled under the 2005-Curriculum are not governed by this policies, but different policies will be devised by your designated Adviser/Coordinator. The content is as follows: I. II. General Objective of the Program General Requirements of the Program

III. Procedures and Guidelines IV. Duties and Responsibilities of a Host Company V. Grading System

VI. General Practicum Written Report Format VII. Sample Forms and Documents

I. General Objective of the Program In line with College’s General Objective for the BSIT Program in producing globally competitive information technology professionals, these program aims to: a. Give the student exposure to the actual technical and managerial aspects of the various IT professions; b. Enable the student to gain experience, relate and apply the theories and concepts he/she leans in the University to real technical situations and problems; c. Give the students an insight of the various operations, processes, techniques and controls presently used in the industry/company;

d. Develop and infuse a positive attitude, self-confidence and self-motivation required of a responsible professional in handling tasks; and e. Impress on the student the importance of human relations in the working place or environment.

II. General Requirements of the Program a. The OJT courses indentified in the Curriculum Program define the requisite(s) for each degree program. b. All students will undergo the OJT Program. All AIT/BSIT students must enroll in the course during the corresponding regular term of offering. c. Student must meet the required minimum number of hours required for each degree program. However, any student may extend his/her duties as requested by his/her immediate head/supervisor for which his/her participation is needed. For the AIT students: 240 Hours (6-units; 2nd SEM) For the BSIT students: 490 Hours (9-units; 2nd SEM) d. Student must coordinate with his/her OJT Adviser/Coordinator. e. Student is required to submit a final report at the end of his/her OJT. However, students with the same company/industry should submit a consolidated report for their group.

III. Procedures and Guidelines a. Before the end of the 1st semester, student who plans to enroll for...
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