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The main objective of the on-the-job-training program is to accommodate and involve the trainees in actual work situation as Student trainee, to acquire new knowledge and skills required in the practice of their profession. The said program is scheduled Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00AM-5:00PM.


This part narrates the activities that I have gone through during the training. November 13, 2012. It was the first day of my on-the-job training. I was tense because I did not know what to expect with the department that I will be assign and with the work that I will do. I was assigned to the Admin and Finance Division. When I came inside the office, I was conscious because it was a new environment for me. I did not know how to react and does not even know the people in the office. I was just quiet and tame. Later on, Ms Julita, oriented me on the things I should do and we had a little talk about our personal lives. Ms. Julie asked me extract the old files of retired personnel and separates it with active personnel. November 15, 2012 is the second day of my OJT. I was still adjusting with the working environment that I had. My bosses helped to feel comfortable with the working place. Ms. Julie assisted me to do what she was assigned to me. She separated the documents that are not necessary to keep then I filed the documents and placed it to its proper place. On the next day, November 19, I was getting relaxed and I was feeling comfortable with the working environment. My bosses are so nice so I felt happy. My first task this day was to answer phone calls. I would be polite and observed the proper manner in answering calls. After a moment, Engr. Nenita “Nits” gave me a few documents for filling. Then after that I arranged different forms in the cabinet. November 20, I photocopied a file. Ms. Cherrie taught me to use the copier. I was glad because I was learning how to use it. After I photocopied a document, Engr. Nits asked to me bring important files to other department. Moreover, for the whole afternoon I was just answering phone calls. On the following day, November 22, Ms. Julie asked to change the name of the previous PARO II in the Distribution Vouchers forms with the name of the current PARO II. There are plenty of forms so besides answering phone calls, that is the only thing I’ve done for the whole day. On November 26, Ms. Cherrie asked me to bring documents to other deparment, in the legal office, operations, budget and records, accounting and PARO office. I also entertained callers to be passed to the officers. Ms. Julie let me to assist her in making payroll. She printed it and I’m the one who arranged it and separated the three forms individually. Then she asked me to bring the other copy to cashier. The other one is for the employees and other is for the Admin. On November 28, Engr. Nits asked me to check and insert related documents in the corresponding folders. Later on, Ms. Cherrie let me to countercheck the completeness of required documents attached in the Disbursement Vouchers in the Cashier section. In addition, I filed the DTRs of the employees and waited for the phone to ring. November 29. Engr. Nits asked me to tagged the folders of ISF’s of HLI-FWB’s wih checklist and counterchecked the available documents with the corresponding dates. After that Ms. Cherrie asked me to photocopied reports, letters, memos and other pertinent documents. And from time to time Ms. Cherrie let me to bring documents to other department. On December 3, Mam Cherrie taught me to use the fax machine and let me do what she instructed to me. I was amazed because it was my first time to use that. Later on, Ms. Aida, the personnel at Cashier office asked me to submit documents at Landbank. December 4. Engr. Nits asked me to typed documents in Microsoft Excel. I typed Request for Quotation form and then after that I printed the documents. Ms. Cherrie taught me how to use the printer....
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