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Topics: Philippines Pages: 4 (1114 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Republic of the Philippines
Romulo Boulevard, Tarlac City

In Partial Fulfillment of the
Requirements for the Subject

Submitted By:
Donna Rae M. Mallari

FM 4-1

Submitted To:
Prof. Jhonel C. Panlilio

March 2013

Donna Rae M. Mallari
FM 4-1

“On the Job Training”
Narrative Report

Company Profile

From its emergence in 1958 as a telegraph company, Radio Communications of the Philippines, Inc. (RCPI) has evolved into one of the Philippine's largest providers of the internationally recognized and acclaimed Western Union Money Transfer service. 

With an RCPI management-led buy-out successfully undertaken in 2005, a new company, Universal Storefront Services Corporation (USSC) was born. USSC now owns and operates all the RCPI retail business in the Philippines and until 2009 has kept the brand name "RCPI" for its stores. 

However, starting 2010, the old RCPI brand will be shed off to make way for the new brand and logo. In 2010, the stores will proudly carry the brand "USSC Service Store" to lend an even friendlier image to the local communities they operate in. 

USSC continues to blaze the trail in Western Union service as well as in the airline ticketing industry through its store expansion in key areas of the country. It has also strengthened its nationwide distribution network of over 600 strategically located company-owned stations with the engagement of over 500 key sub-agent locations to help meet the growing needs of the Philippine consumers. The USSC Service Store is where one can conveniently, comfortably, safely and speedily avail of Western Union, airline ticketing, Super Ferry ticketing, bills payment services, and even cell phone top-ups. 

Western Union is the leading international money remittance company in the world. The USSC-Western Union tie-up makes all inbound international money transfers from Western Union...
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