Ojt Narrative Report

Topics: Training, Learning, Skill Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Capiz State University
College of Business Administration
Main Campus, Roxas City

On the Job Training Experience
Hopewell Finance Corporation

Presented To:
Mr. Bonimer Albor
OJT Coordinator

In partial Fulfillment Of
The Requirements of the Subject
(On-the-Job Training)

Presented By:
Karen Brillo BSC 3B

On the Job Training is an essential factor for every graduate. Its primary purpose is to prepare the students to the current trend of the ever fast changing business world. This training is the application of all the knowledge, theories and techniques we have learned and acquired in the four-edge of the school. It is the actual realization of all the accounting principles, financial theories and managerial techniques we gained. OJT give us the opportunity to develop and enhance our skills and abilities in relation with our chosen field. It allows us to practice our profession and definitely train us on how to become effective and efficient professionals. It improves our personality by adopting professional traits and qualities. Through this activity, students would gain and improve their interpersonal relationship. They would know how to get along with different personalities and gain adequate and valuable experiences necessary for their future employment. Pre-working experience is an added advantage on our part as graduating students for it gives us the opportunity to be exposed and used the essential learning and abilities we have. As a whole this training make us possible enhance and absolutely further develop our total aspect---- the physical, mental, emotional, social and our interpersonal means. There are many basic factors and considerations that we have to consider for OJT. We need to be careful enough in planning and choosing what kind of business establishment can train and mold us to what we want to be. We have to be certain that it can meet and give us valuable working...
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