Ojt Narrative Essay for Hrm Student

Topics: Need, Want, Community Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: October 8, 2012
My Community
Liceo de Cagayan mission and vision and Core values have a big effect or impact to my community because this serves a guide to those people who are willing to learn for the betterment of their community this serves as a commandment to follow and grow with their everyday living, if a person within the community is dedicated to follow the Core values there is a bigger chance for him to succeed in his field. A community needs, first excellence in each and every program and activities he makes, EXCELLENCY is needed to attain good outcome and positive development in each of our community and with INTEGRITY we need to give our whole or everything in what we do we should be dedicated and work together as a community this is one of the most important value that a community should have in order to succeed and develop working together is the key to success and with integrity we could possible do things that a single person can’t do. Third is LOYALTY, loyalty or dedication in what you do in your community if this core values are practiced by our community this would have a big impact to our daily living, it’s hard to be loyal specially to people you are not related to but when you think not only for the benefit of yourself it’s easy to commit and give everything when you have dedication in what you do, fourth is DISCIPLINE one of the most important value that greatly impacts our community if you’re a disciplined man you would have a big help in our society today. By just throwing your garbage properly you are already helping others and to be able to practice and continue doing small things you need discipline. Without discipline our communities would be in chaos people everywhere is crime, drugs and ungodliness would be everywhere, they say discipline starts at home but some parents don’t even know what’s discipline is and now they are suffering with their sin because they took for granted the small word “DISCIPLINE.” Last is COMMUNITY SERVICE we need to spare...
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