Oil Sands Essay

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  • Published : November 9, 2010
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The importance of oil in our society is so great that it affects developed and developing countries. It is a huge contributor to economic growth and environmental destruction. Although the Alberta Oil Sands has destroyed acres of local and global (indirectly) ecosystems, it has achieved and ensured that Canada stays as an economic power. The economical, cultural, and political benefits the oil sands give to Canada makes it an irreplaceable asset to our nation and our global community

The oil sands have always been Canada's major contributor to our economic activity. The oil industry has benefited other industries as well such as business services, manufacturing, retail, finance and insurance. The economic impacts of the oil sands are also seen in the national employment rates and statistics. People from far off countries and other regions of Canada are moving to Alberta in order to get high-paying jobs from the development of the oil sands. Consequently, the population's standard of living goes up too. The elimination of the oil sand's influence towards Canada's economy could drastically take a negative effect on the ever-evolving global economy.

The Alberta oil sands is one of the major factors of why Fort McMurray has grown to be a very multicultural community. The heart of Canada's oil production has attracted people from all corners of Canada and the world. We are exposed to dozens of other cultures on a regular basis. These frequent experiences let us learn a variety of unique traditions and values. It strengthens national unity through cross cultural understanding, and most importantly, the elimination of racism. Companies like Suncor and Syncrude help us embrace this growing view of collective identity. Multiculturalism is a viable cause and effect of the growth of the oil sands (consequently the city too). It promotes the respect and appreciation of the cultural heritage of all Canadians and it also encourages the creation of a fair society,...
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