Oil Painting and the Market

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Oil Painting and the Market

Midterm Research Assignment
Art 130
Oil painting is believed to be used since the 13th century due to the long lasting color and the variety of approaches and methods that it brings to paintings but did not become popular due to the long periods it took for the paintings to dry. It wasn’t until the 15th century that oil paintings became a popular use for artwork. Jan van Eyck developed a method where oil paintings would dry much faster. He also discovered how to create a palette of vibrant oil colors. I’ve noticed there are vibrant colors in some paintings I saw at the museum. For example, in Jan Both, Italian Landscape, there is a wide range of vibrant colors that portray to show the sun is setting. Oil painting is one of the techniques artists use to create their masterpieces. This technique involves mixing pigments with oils. Some commonly used oils for oil painting includes linseed oil, poppy seed oil, walnut oil, and safflower oil. The different usage of oil properties to the oil paint can create a less yellowing or different drying times effect. “The technique of mixing pigments with oil had existed since the ancient world. But the oil painting as an art form was not born until there was a need to develop and perfect this technique (which soon involved using canvas instead of wooden panels) in order to express a particular view of life for which the techniques of tempera or fresco were inadequate. When oil paint was first used – at the beginning of the fifteenth century in Northern Europe – for painting pictures of a new character, this character somewhat inhibited by the survival of various medieval artistic conventions. The oil painting did not fully establish its own norms, its own way of seeing, until the sixteenth century.” (Berger, 84) As I went to the De Young Museum, I’ve noticed most, if not all, the paintings were oil paintings. The paintings I chose for this paper are: Emanuel de Witte, Interior of an...
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