Oil and Oiling a Process of Acquiring Undue Advantage

Topics: Boss, Vegetable oils, Chief executive officer Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: April 8, 2012

Oil and oiling a process of acquiring undue advantage

There are many kinds of oil are available in the market. Such as mastered oil, black seed oil, soybean oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, olive oil etc. But the oil I will try to explain here is some thing different. This oil is not visible and can not be purchased against money. This oil is used or applied by different kinds of people in different way in the society for their own benefit. It is called telmara. In every organization you will find this sort of people oiling his boss. For his own benefit. Some time they damage the carrier of others. While oiling his bosses. These type of person also back bite about other colleagues to the bosses who really like or enjoy such back biting. The people who are involved in the practice of oiling, the authority also used them for other purpose for their own interest. In our language we used to call them as ‘chatukar’, ‘tel mara’,’kotnami’,’ ghosheti begum’, ‘choklami’ etc. These people are very dangerous and heinous for the organization for the society for the country and even for the family .They are very claver and cunning. They have their own technique and process to catch hold the neck of boss nicely and gently. They first observe the activities of boss very closely and accurately in order to find out the weak point of bosses. As soon as surveillance work on boss is completed they start their first work to come closer of his bosses. If he finds that his boss is fond of fishing or hunting or drinking wine or enjoying game or playing gambling or traveling or attending picnic party or witnessing games etc. After determining the weakness of the boss he then starts giving the input. Such as hook for fishing and fixing spot or taking boss to the hunting place or arranging picnic party for his family and friends or arranging to see international games in VIP lounge at any cost or...
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