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1. Find attached as preceding paragraphs an assignment relating to BSBOHS501B – Participation in the Co Ordination and Maintenance of a systematic approach to OHS.

2. The report is based on Action Plans, Assumptions; and Points from a previous place of employment. My role in the company was the Warehouse Manager and Safety Officer.

Organisation, Structure, Operations and Systems

3. The organisation is a Food Processing plant, specifically processing fresh Milk into three main categories, those being;

a. Milk powder both Skimmed and Full cream,
b. Cheese and Whey products: and
c. Flavoured milk products.

4. The company owned six (6) processing plants, over two (2) States which were divided into departments. Each department maintained its individual identity with its own management albeit all departments worked in a cohesive and cooperative manner when dealing with OH&S and Quality procedures. Processing Plants reported to a central Management structure. The individual departments were

d. Management
e. Administration, Public Relations
f. Product testing and development,
g. Sales and Marketing,
h. Quality, OH&S and Safety,
i. Production,
j. Process Quality Control
k. Raw Material Transport; and
l. Warehousing and Distribution.

5. A OH&S structure flowchart is attached as Annex A.

6. Operationally the company was marketed as a “Farm to Customer” organisation. With defined departments responsible for specific roles within the company. At strategic points the “Baton” of responsibility for the product was passed onto the next department for further processing. As previously notarized each department had a management structure.

7. Each Plant had a Safety Officer, and a Safety committee. Safety committees was governed under the rules of the , Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Vic), The Safety Officer was responsibility was all matters relating to OH&S and included

m. OH&S training
n. Safety mapping
o. Risk management; and
p. Safe Work procedures.

8. The company was governed and operated under the ISO 9001certification and compliance system, and was accredited The ISO 9001 compliance system is a systematic and organised Quality Management System (QMS). OH&S forms a part of the ISO system.

9. Test laboratories were NATA accredited and certified. All systems were externally audited and tested bi annually and internally audited regularly. Stake holders. Responsibilities, Planning, Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

10. A table of Stake holders and their responsibilities is attached as Annex B.

11. Planning of national OH&S policy was the responsibility of the National Safety Manager, who was a part of the senior Management group, and whom reported directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Safety Officers at individual processing plants worked in consultation with the National Safety Manager, this consultation was conducted through:

q. Scheduled meetings,
r. Documented written communication (Reports and E-Mail) s. Verbal communication

12. Implementation, Training, Monitoring and Continuous Improvement of OH&S policy was devolved down from the National Safety Manager to Plant Safety Officers, who then consulted with Plant Management and worked through the respective safety representatives and Safety committees. Safety Committees were formed in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Vic)

13. Evaluation of Policy and Systems was conducted by Independent external audits and Internal audits by trained auditors. The results of external and internal audits were passed to the respective Safety Officers and the National...
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