Ohs & Security Management Interlink

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Occupational health and safety is a multi disciplinary function concerned with protecting safety, health and welfare of people engaged in employment. Its goal is to foster safe and healthy work environment and may also protect co-workers, family members, employers, customers and others who may be affected by work environment or otherwise similarly exposed groups. Security management is a broad field of management related to asset management, physical security and the human resource safety functions. Organizations have an obligation to ensure that employees and any other person who may be affected by the company’s undertaking remain safe at all times with a moral obligation that would involve protection of lives. Thus both Occupational Health & Safety and Security management relate in operational risk management making it a critical success factor in both disciplines. The Management Systems for Occupational Health & Safety and Security that Interlinks the Disciplines The management systems of Occupational Health & Safety and that of Security provide a framework for the process of identifying the risks, assessing the risks, devising corrective action plans and reviewing the laid out action plan as incorporated to improve the pre-existing conditions. Hence they are to be integrated into an existing management system. The basic element of the Occupational Health & Safety and Security management systems is based on the:- Plan- Do - Check- Act (PCDA) cycle,

* Defining strategy
* Planning
* Implementation & Operation
* Checking & Corrective Action
* Management Review
* Continual Improvement

Managing Risks
Risk Management is used in many management systems with Occupational Health & Safety and Security Management being amongst the few. The Security management system for example uses risk management to assess...
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