Ohs in the Workplace

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Risk, Risk assessment Pages: 11 (2280 words) Published: March 17, 2011
Vu Ngan Ha Truong
Bich Ngoc Nguyen (Nancy)
Vinh Thanh Vu

Establish and Maintain an OHS System
Cabramatta Bowling Club
Prepared for: Richard McDemott

Rupinder Singh

1.Overview of the Business:3
a.Type of business:3
c.Operating hours:3
e.Customer Market:3
f.Structure of business:4
OHS Responsibilities:5
a.Duty of Care:5
b. Breaches of legislation:6
c. OHS procedures need6
d. Activities and Documents management should undertake:7
Consultation and Communication8
a.Evaluate the existing consultation arrangement in the business8
b.Consultation policy:8
c. Training:9
d. Explain how Management could implement OHS systems and procedures at the business9

1. Overview of the Business:

a. Type of business:
Café Store, Pizza, Fast Food and Asian Food in Cabramatta Bowling Club

b. Location:
Inside Cabramatta Bowling Club
Close to Cabramatta Station and CCC Commercial Cabramatta Centre Address: Corner Cabramatta and Fairview Road, Cabramatta NSW 2166 Telephone: 02 97284344. Fax: 02 97273682
Email: clubcabra@cabramattabowlingclub.com.au

c. Operating hours:
Every day:
Lunch: 10h30am to 2h30pm
Dinner: 4h30pm to 9h30pm

d. Size:
Indoor up to 100 seatings (inside the Club)

e. Customer Market:
* Young people
* Gambler
* Business people
* Workers
* Families

f. Structure of business:




2 Chefs for making Pizza
1 Chef for cooking Fast Food
2 Bartenders
3 Chefs for cooking Asian Food

Task 1: OHS Responsibilities:
a. Duty of Care:
Employers, employees, suppliers and customers have a duty of care * Employers have a responsibility for Health and Safety for their staff members: * Training staff, training for use of the equipment and ensuring safe systems of work * Ensuring that the ways of storage, handling are safe

* Providing employees with adequate information and instruction and training their job safe * Training personal hygiene and safety environment for the staff + Wash hands before working
+Wear safety uniform: safety shoes, black uniform
* Providing PPE&PPC, OH&S procedure
+ Wear gloves when handling hot food
+ Use trolley to carry heavy thing
+ Use appropriate ladder to climb
* Monitoring the health of employees
* Employees have a responsibility of Health and Safety for themselves, their colleague and their customers: * Performing their tasks, follow OH&S procedure
* Report breaches of safety and potential risks, e.g. unsafe work practices, hazards in the workplace, and damaged property * Follow instructions and rules imposed by the employer
- Suppliers have a responsibility of providing their products in a good condition, good quality, and delivering products follow correct health and safety procedures
- Customers have a responsibility of inform to the potential hazards to the employer and employee.

b. Breaches of legislation:
There have no OH&S policies (for employers and employees)
Manager does not provide safe environment in the workplace like safety gloves, safety boot in the kitchen.
Some current breaches of legislation:
* The apprentice chefs do not perform his task follow hygiene procedure, e.g. smoking in the kitchen, using the same cutting board to cut raw food and cooked food. * Water is leaking on the floor in the kitchen, recorded by staff, the Manager did not put the sign besides the wet floor. * The steam milk in the coffee machine is broken and burnt staff. The staffs did not report to the Manager so the Manager cannot fix it immediately. * Staff did not check the expire day of the food before they sell, so some customers complain about the food was not fresh c. OHS procedures need

1. No OH&S policies in the workplace:

Step 1: Record the issue...
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