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Ohio State Essay

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I have been to a few college football games in my life, but none as exciting as when Wisconsin came to play Ohio State (OSU) in at the Horse Shoe in Columbus, Ohio during in 2011. I was lucky enough to have tickets to the game and even though the seats were kind of in the nose bleeds, I loved them and was just happy to be there with my grandpa. Little did I know, that this was about to be one of the happiest moments of my life, not only because of the amazing play Braxton Miller made, but also because of the feeling I got towards end and the class the Buckeye fans showed to the Wisconsin fans after the game. I was excited to be going to the game, like I always am, but especially because it was a ranked Wisconsin team coming to the Shoe. At the stadium you could feel almost like electricity in the air. The game was close the whole way through and OSU maintained the lead until about midway through the fourth quarter. Wisconsin went down the field and scored on a long touchdown pass to one of the receivers who, somehow, got wide open. I thought the worst and was preparing myself for my first time witnessing a Buckeye loss. OSU got the ball back down 29-26 with just a few minutes to go, when it happened. Braxton Miller called for the ball and went back to pass like a veteran quarterback, looking very calm and collected. Once the pocket started breaking, Braxton ran to the right looking downfield for an open receiver while trying to dodge pursuing defenders. All of the sudden he launches the ball down the field like a cannon would shoot a cannon ball. As the ball was flying though the air, I looked down field and noticed Devin Smith wide open and staring at the ball like a dog stares at bacon. Once Smith caught the ball and touchdown was signaled, the fans went crazy! It was almost like every OSU fan in the stadium just hit the lottery and was going to be rich. Just as everyone began thinking we had won, the referees said “The previous play is under...

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