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Topics: Demography, Population, Population ecology Pages: 8 (1673 words) Published: April 7, 2013
After completing this self-test, check your answers in the Answer Key of this Study Guide.


1.Who studies the size, composition, growth, and distribution of human population? a.population experts
b.growth specialists
d.social development professionals

2.The proposition that the population grows geometrically while the food supply increases arithmetically is known as the: a.food surplus equation.
b.Malthus theorem.
c.exponential growth curve.
d.demographic transition.

3.Which of the following statements is consistent with beliefs of the Anti-Malthusians? a.People will blindly reproduce until there is no room left on earth. b.It is possible to project the world's current population growth into the indefinite future. c.Most people do not use intelligence and rational planning when it comes to having children. d.The demographic transition provides an accurate picture of what the future looks like.

4.The three-stage historical process of population growth is known as the: a.demographic equation.
b.demographic transition.
c.exponential growth curve.
d.implosion growth curve.

5.The process by which a country's population becomes smaller because its birth rate and immigration are too low to replace those who die and emigrate is: a.population transfer.
b.population annihilation.
c.population shrinkage.
d.population depletion.

6.Starvation occurs because:
a.there is not enough fertile land worldwide on which to grow food. b.some parts of the world lack food while other parts of the world produce more than they can consume. c.population is growing at a faster rate than the world's ability to produce food. d.people do not eat a well-balanced diet.

7.People in the Least Industrialized Nations have so many children because: a.parenthood provides status.
b.children are considered to be an economic asset.
c.the community encourages people to have children.
d.all of the above.

8.For conflict theorists, the explanation for why women in poor nations have so many children is that: a.women derive special meaning from children.
b.children’s labor can be exploited by their parents.
c.men control women’s reproductive choices.
d.women use sex as a means of control over men.

9.Mexico's current population will double in __________ years. a.18

10.To illustrate population dynamics, demographers use:
a.population growth charts.
b.population pyramids.
c.fertility rates.
d.demographic models.

11.The factors that influence population growth are called: a.demographic variables.
b.demographic transitions.
c.demographic equations.
d.demographic constants.

12.__________ refers to the number of children the average woman bears. a.Fertility rate
c.Crude birth rate
d.Real birth rate

13.The annual number of deaths per 1,000 population is the: a.crude death rate.
b.crude mortality rate.
c.crude life expectancy rate.
d.net death rate.

14.What factors might push someone to migrate?
b.lack of religious and political freedom
c.political persecution
d.all of the above.

15.Around the globe, the flow of migration is generally from: a.Most Industrialized Nations to Least Industrialized Nations b.one of the Least Industrialized Nation to another one.
c.Least Industrialized Nations to Industrializing Nations.
d.Least Industrialized Nations to Most Industrialized Nations.

16.According to your text, why is it difficult to forecast population growth? a.Government programs may encourage or discourage women from having children. b.Government bureaus may be dishonest in reporting data.

c.There is a lack of computer programs to deal with data adequately. d.Births, deaths, and migration are human behaviors and thus impossible to predict.

17.China's practice of female infanticide is...
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