Oh My Siomai

Topics: Water treatment, Drinking water, Waterborne diseases Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: April 8, 2013
1.1 Statement of the problem
General Problem

How people make trust in the company and how the company gave their best for the costumers to trust them?
Proponents found out that the clients of this company trust them because of their good service and their clean water. The company gave their best and keep their services good.
Specific problems
* What type of ownership does the company posses?
The client says that their type of ownership is partnership because it is a type of business that needs cooperation to success. * Is this company singular or does it have branches in other areas?

The client says that this company has its branches in the other part of the country. * What are the goals of the company?
The client says that the goal of the company is to earn for its daily needs. * How does this company handle its failure?
The client says that there is no failure in this company they said that the only thing in this company is everyday is a challenge. * How many hours a day would you be working?

The client says that they work 10hrs everyday.

1.2 Current state of technology
Apparently, the business establishments are currently using their website. That includes about the company, the founder, their vision and their principle. * At the company
Aqua 2000 water technology incorporated is a Philippine organization incorporated in June 1997. * The founder
It was highly regarded in the industry Aqua 2000 is headed by a member of Who’s who Registry-Platinum edition 1992- a listing of distinguished, innovative person who are influential in various endeavors. * The vision

With the...
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