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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Smartphone Survey Report




Table of Contents
Methodology Terminology Executive Summary Respondent Profile Smartphone Brand Smartphone OS p Reasons for acquiring Smartphone 3 4 5‐7 8‐10 11 12 Smartphones under Consideration Access to MLS Information 22 Most used Features Smartphone Apps Smartphone Satisfaction Replacing a Business Land‐line L d li 15 16‐17 18‐20




In January 2010, the Center for REALTOR® Technology (CRT) extended an e‐mail survey invitation to 45,000 random REALTORS® who have provided NAR with an email address. REALTORS Additionally, the survey link was posted at www.realtor.org and on several social media sites. This Thi report summarizes national fi di i i l findings among associate b k i brokers, sales agents, b k l broker‐ owners, and managers. These groups account for 1,485 completed surveys. This number is large enough for overall responses to be considered statistically valid. At the 95% level of confidence, the margin of error is 2.54%. Any exceptions will be called out or labeled , g y p accordingly. The purpose of the survey is to understand members’ smartphone usage, perceptions, and needs. needs A brief synopsis of findings is given in the Executive Summary followed by details for each key section. 3

The confidence interval, or margin of error, is the plus‐or‐minus figure usually reported in survey results. For example, if you have a confidence interval of 4.00 and 47% percent of your sample picks an answer, it is highly likely that if you had asked the question of the entire relevant population, between 43% (47%‐4.00) and 51% (47%+4.00) would have picked that answer. The confidence level provides percentage of likelihood that the entire relevant population will respond within the percent range of the confidence interval. The 95% confidence level means you can be 95% sure. y Some charts will show the ‘mean’. The mean is the average of all the answers provided for that particular item.


Executive Summary
The purpose of the survey is to understand members’ smartphone usage, perceptions, and needs. The following is a summary of key findings.

93% of those who indicated that they were 40 years old or younger use a smartphone to conduct real estate business. 86% of respondents older than 40 use a smartphone. Top T 3 smartphone b d used b respondents: h brands d by d • Blackberry (41.2%) • iPhone family: iPhone 3G (14.1%) ; iPhone 3GS (11.9%) • Palm (14.0%) ( ) A few respondents point out that the Palm Pre and Pixi cannot be compared with other Palm products. Several perceive the Pre and Pixi to be “more robust” and comparable in functionality & features to the iPhone and Android . Blackberry and iPhone were the top brands being considered for future purchase among current smartphone users and non‐users. While some are unsure about the smartphone they would choose in the future. 5

Executive Summary
(Continued) Top 3 reasons why respondents were motivated to choose current smartphone: • Best device for email (45.9%) • Ease of use (26.2%) • Ability to use a keyboard (23.7%) Top features used most b respondents on their smartphones: T 5f d by d h i h • Telephone (91.2%) • Email (88.4%) • SMS/texting (73.8%) / g( ) • Calendar (52.6%) • Web browser (42.3%) For general purposes, social media related apps were the most popular type of application purposes social‐media‐related downloaded by survey respondents (54.5%). This was followed by maps (43.3%) and weather applications (41.8%).


Executive Summary
(Continued) On a scale of 1‐5, where 5 is extremely satisfied – respondents’ satisfaction with their current smartphone averages 4.23. When it comes to MLS listing information: • 57.3% i di 57 3% indicate they h h have access to MLS li i i f listing information through their smartphone’s i h h h i h ’ web browser. • On a scale of 1‐5, where 5 is extremely satisfied – respondents rated their...
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