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The Global Fashion Industry – Growth in Emerging Markets
September 2009

Global Fashion Industry
Study Overview
This study provides insight into the evolution of the global fashion market and identifies the key drivers behind the recent emergence of new countries as fashion hubs Using a comprehensive analysis of global fashion events, this study aims to understand the transformation of the global fashion industry over the last 5 years. In particular,

• How are traditional markets continuing to

• Which new markets are emerging? • What initiatives are government and industry organizations undertaking to fuel growth?

September 2009


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Global Fashion Industry
Methodology of Fashion Event Analysis

 Identify countries that host ‘fashion weeks’ by scanning through publicly available secondary sources; 46 such countries were identified1  Gather information on the fashion industry in each of these 46 countries • Build a list of all fashion events2 that took place in these countries in the last 5 years • Gather details for each of these events, such as sponsors, hosts, size, frequency, duration, launch year, number and nationality of the participating designers, whether the event is internationally renowned2, etc. • Investigate possible drivers of growth for countries where the number of events has increased (i.e., government support, industry organization funding, etc.)  Shortlist 6 countries that display unique growth patterns and drivers, then conduct an in-depth analysis of the growth of the fashion industry in each country • Does the industry receive strong support from the government or other organizations? • Is the growth characterized by a specific pattern, such as the evolution of domestic designers at international forums? • Are other factors driving growth?

Research Methodology

 This study and the findings reported in this document are based on a list of fashion events...

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