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Topics: Love, Mother, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: February 2, 2013
“The Effects of Long Distance Relationship between Parents and Children”


In today’s global society, people typically live in places different from where they were born and brought up. Most adult children live a long distance from their parents. Therefore, long distance relationship is not the end of the world. Because nowadays, we used technologies to communicate with our loved ones. Mostly, those OFW workers are the one who are separated with their children, not because they want but because they need. Some parents went to abroad because they want that their family has a good future with them, so they decided to went abroad even though they really don’t want it because they know, that it may affects the mind of the children left at home but also the parents also sacrifice for the sake of their children, because if they don’t do it they don’t have an income.


Long distance relationship is not as healthy as a close relationship. Long distance relationship can be quite a challenging one. Mostly dads are the one who went to abroad than the moms. Why? Because mothers are the one who are the ones who takes in charge of their children while their husband was working on the abroad.

Parents are fear of losing their child when they move far away. So parents should have something to do. Because children feel that they are not love by their parents who doesn’t seem them regularly. Children may feel lack of love and attention. So that the children feel loved, it is very important for parents to work together to encourage a healthy relationship between children and their far away parent. Sometimes children who haven’t seen their parent in a long time often believe they are unlovable. Parents need to reassure children they are lovable and that parents will always love them. What about when a parent shows up again after having no contact? Maybe children should benefit greatly when a parent they haven’t seen or heard from in months or years...
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