Offset Printing Presses

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Offset printing is called offset lithography. That printing process is typically used for commercial printing. It is a distinct process that is commonly used among commercial vendors that produce large orders of magazines, catalogs, posters, etc. It is also called offset printing for the way that the inks are used to print images and text to the substrate. The process starts by taking digital files and creating a special type of negative film. The negatives are used to create the metal plates that are necessary in the offset printing process. Once the plates have been created they are moved to a press where rollers apply water and a specific type of oil-based ink. Since oil and water will not mix, the oil-based ink is blocked from adhering to any non-image areas. Only the inked area is transferred to an adjacent rubber cylinder that then transfers the image to the paper. The image isn’t printed directly on the paper from the plates, but rather transferred to another surface that makes contact with the paper. Offset printing is an excellent option when is looking for a printer that can run high quality and have high resolution prints for do printing job. During the offset printing process the design is to be printed onto a metal plate. The plate is then covered in ink and transferred to another surface, most commonly a rubber blanket. Finally paper is pressed against the rubber blanket to finish the process. This style of printing is most commonly used for printing large volume request for high quality prints because of the generally high set up costs. With recent advancements in offset printing technology set up costs are becoming lower allowing print shops to require lower minimums for offset printing projects. Offset printing is a lower cost alternative to inkjet printing because ink jet printers require very expensive ink cartridges. Offset printing is very reliable. Large volumes of high quality printed materials can be...
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