Officer Selection Process

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Officer Selection Process 2
This paper will discuss the major components of the state police. It will focus on the selection process which determines if a candidate is suitable to work in law enforcement. In addition, the following will be discussed, the training process and career development programs that are available for officers.

Many different kinds of government agencies have a great deal of responsibility for enforcing the law and striving for protection. To become employed with a state police law enforcement agency, one must go through an extensive process which includes the passing of a written exam, an in-depth background check, oral interview, and pass a psychology test.

Once the application has been submitted, the written exam begins the first phase of the selection process. Typically these exams are given by the civil service department. The exam evaluates the applicants’ basic knowledge such as: reading, writing, and comprehension skills. The scores are ranked, and whoever amongst the candidates pass the percentage amount will advance to the next phase.

The purpose of a background check is to determine if the applicant is in good moral standing. In doing so, the applicant cannot be convicted of any felonies or have any serious misdemeanors. Not only should the candidate be deterred from all criminal convictions, but also should not elicit the use of drugs, violent activity, the excessive use of alcohol, or portray any racial or prejudicial attitudes of any kind. The person who is responsible for administering the background investigation should be professional and unjudgemental and should focus on characteristics the agency is looking for. Officer Selection Process 3

The oral interview can be orchestrated as structured, unstructured, or both. In a structured interview the applicant is asked a series of questions in regards to their abilities that may be fit for their job. For...
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