Officer Accession Bonus

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In connection with my appointment as an officer and agreement to serve with the Army National Guard of the United States under the Selected Reserve Incentive Program, I hereby acknowledge that:

1. I meet the eligibility criteria, as follows:

a. I agree to accept an appointment as an officer in the armed forces to serve in the Selected Reserve in a critical officer skill that is designated for bonus entitlement by the Secretary of the Army.

b. I am not accepting an appointment as an officer serving in the Selected Reserve for the purpose of qualifying for a military technician position where membership in a Reserve component is a condition of employment (a one time temporary assignment as a military technician is excluded) or an Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) position.

c. I am not being accessed for continuous active duty service.

d. I possess a skill designated by the Secretary of the Army for bonus entitlement or I agree to accomplish the necessary training prescribed by the Secretary of the Army to achieve the designated skill within 36 months of appointment.

e. I am not currently receiving financial assistance under chapters 1608, 1609, 1611, 2107, or 2107a of title 10, United States Code, or special pay under section 302g of title 37, United States Code, and will not receive such assistance during the period of this agreement.

2. I shall incur the following obligations in connection with my agreement to accept an appointment as an officer serving in the Selected Reserve:

a. I hereby agree to serve in the Selected Reserve for six years, the full period of this agreement.

b. I shall serve satisfactorily, as prescribed by the appropriate regulations of the Army National Guard, for the complete period in the Selected Reserve of the Army National Guard of the United States according to my written agreement and in the critical skill in which accessed, unless excused for the convenience of the government.

3. I shall be paid an accession bonus, as follows:

a. The bonus accrues beginning on the date this agreement is accepted by the Secretary of the Army.

b. The total amount of the bonus payable under the agreement becomes fixed upon acceptance of this written agreement by the Secretary of the Army.

c. I shall receive a bonus of $6,000 paid in one lump sum upon my successful completion of OBC/WOBC. Bonus amount increased to $10,000 through 30 September 2007. For technical reasons, the amount is disbursed as a maximum of $5,000 on one day, and the balance on the next business day. Expect withholding taxes of approximately 25%.

4. If I fail to accept a commission or appointment as an officer, or I do not commence to participate, or I do not satisfactorily complete the service obligation incurred under this agreement for any of the reasons listed below, I understand that recoupment or entitlement to a portion of the bonus amount will be calculated in accordance with paragraph 5 below:

a. If I fail to participate satisfactorily in training or duty with the Selected Reserve including failure to maintain medical and dental readiness, during the entire period of the service obligation, unless the failure to participate satisfactorily was due to reasons beyond my control (e.g., death, injury, illness, or other impairment not the result of my own misconduct).

b. If I fail or fail to complete OBC/WOBC within 36 months of the date of appointment.

c. If I am involuntarily separated from the Selected Reserve unless as a result of unit inactivation, unit relocation, unit reorganization, or a DoD-directed reduction in the Selected Reserve force.

d. If I separate from the Selected Reserve for any reason (including enlistment or voluntary order to active duty in the active forces); other than by death, injury, illness or other impairment not the result of my own misconduct or an involuntary call-up or...
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