Office Space Analysis

Topics: Management, Leadership, Motivation Pages: 4 (1371 words) Published: March 3, 2013

Office Space shows the reality of many peoples work, unhappy and discouraged persons that are not treated the way they should or simply don get pay fairly for their work. In addition, there is a minor phenomenon and is that an employee who is not happy with his work will be inefficient, try not to continue in that work and may even not have good intentions with the company. The film tells the amazing change that occurs overnight in the life of the Peter Gibbons, after a hypnosis session he becomes unable to worry about anything. Completely free, decides to start living doing what he wanted to do. Peter starts breaking all the rules at Initech and he receives a promotion and a salary raise but his tow friends Samir and Michael were going to be fired so that Peter could get his promotion. After the meeting in which the consultants told him about it, Peter came up with a plan that was taking advantage of a programming error that the system had. He communicates the ides to Samir and Michael and finally got the cash. Some of the issues in Leadership at Initech were that there was a lack of one potential leader; there is no one that cause people to take effective and accurate actions to accomplish the company’s goals. No one focus on people, about how they feel and what they really want. Blumberg is Peters boss and he should be a leader, someone who really encourages his works, who induces good actions and who motivates people on achieving great goals, but instead he is the contrary of it. He is an evil boss who is always trying to pick on someone and to make an employees life miserable.

Peter can be considered as an informal Leader and also a charismatic one. At the beginning of the film we can tell that Peter had the power to convince others and to lead them to do what he thought it was best for them, this is evidenced in the scene where Peter go to Michael and Samir office and convinced them to get out of the office and have a cup of coffee....
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