Office Space

Topics: 1990s music groups, Work, Meaning Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Sean La Torre
The movie Office Space shows a explicit meaning since it is a movie about a guy who can’t stand his work, and has nothing pushing or giving the initiative to even do his work. He then convinces two of his fellow workers who also don’t enjoy their work, to scam their company for money using a computer virus. They ended up making an error and causing them to take more money than planned, which was very noticeable. Then once realized what happened and decides to go confess. Than later finds the building in flames, which destroys all the databases. They ended up never getting caught and changed jobs to something they enjoy. Two implicit meaning for Office space, is that it’s about a guy who dislikes his job, and he comes up with a plan which he involves two of his co-workers. The plan was to create a virus which would send money little by little to their accounts. And in the long run, have a lot of money, but it ended up going wrong and all the money was put in their account at once. After seeing what went wrong Peter decides to take the blame for the problem and goes to confess, when he finds out that the company went into flames. Having the building in flames caused him to not get caught. They then went to find jobs that they enjoyed very much. Two implicit meanings of what happened could be that, they were not caught, so no harm no foul. Or either that they were caught, and since they didn’t get caught they still should of turned themselves, because it’s the right thing. Two examples of verisimilar would be that the stupidity in the office and the bosses. They know that Peter is skipping work, and they don’t do anything about it. A second example would be how Peter describes what he does at work which is absolutely nothing and complains about the work environment, which then gets him a promotion. Those two examples, show and make you believe that its like that for real at their work, which in reality wouldn’t be like that.
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